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About Jeffrey Mast Insurance Services

Great...  We had an accident & I'm spending the afternoon in the ER.  How do we receive the best care possible, what is this going to cost & how can we best contain these costs?

I'm not just 'selling' you an insurance product & moving onto the next prospective customer.  I am a resource available to help you navigate healthcare & understand how to get the most from the insurance you purchased.  I will give you the tools to understand how to find in-network doctors & hospitals (or understand pricing differences for an out-of-network provider that you prefer using).  I will also help you to understand the claims process if you do need to use your insurance.  I am paid a residual commission stream from the insurance company & you can think of me as your advocate on retainer, helping you navigate our fairly complex healthcare system.  It's a foreign language that I am well versed in.  Whether you're an employee of a client of mine or an individual customer, I will do my best to serve your needs.  Clarity, transparency & honesty are important to me.  Those cornerstones have been the basis of business success.  I have helped, and continue to help, thousands of individuals.  I look forward to continue helping thousands more.

Thank you for your business & your referrals!


Call Today! 866-420-6278